Comparison of technical CM licenses and Helpdesk functions

Technical Licenses and Helpdesk Functions Overview




Supported Platforms      
Microsoft Windows, Linux/FreeBSD, Mac OS X
Recommended Types of Technical Licenses to Deploy      
Server with critical functions    
Server not fulfilling critical functions – records, orientation monitoring, file backup optional optional
Workstation (PC, NB, Tablet with WIN OS outside W8RT) with requirements for full administration  
Workstation, only for keeping records, basic monitoring, file backup, Easyclick optional optional
CM Computer Diagnostic      
Online information from computers with a history of 48 hours (CPU, Mem, Net, quality of network connection, top processes) CPU, RAM only,

15min interval

interval of 3 min

interval of 3 min/30 sec.
Computer status overview updated once a day (antivirus, free disk space, system update, installed software, network connection, etc)
Tool to diagnose computer faults (e.g. dowloading of eventlog records, remote testing of rotating disks)
Information panel from the tray menu of the C‑Monitor client
CM Connection Guard      
Online connection tested from CM server

15 min. interval
CM Monitoring      
Online Monitoring WATCHES - of network services and devices, computers, applications – more than 30 types of tests for WIN systems (fewer for Linux/FreeBSD, Mac OS X)

limit for 2 conditions/interval

of 15 min.

limit for 5 conditions/interval

of 3 min.

without restrictive conditions,

mininal interval of 30 sec. (max 150 thousand samples/computer)
Monitoring of reports, logs from other applications (external programs)  
Monitoring of the Internet traffic volume with graphical representation, division into processes and IP addresses (only for 32-bit systems so far)  
HW Monitoring of HP, DELL and FUJITSU servers via SNMP    
Environment monitoring (temperature, humidity, contacts, etc)    
Indirect monitoring of application functionality (monitored files)    
Notification of selected Event log errors    
Tests via VBS scripts (e.g. tests of MSSQL databases)    
CM Backup      
Backup of individual files – C-BackupPlus
Backup of entire partitions and disks – C-Image  
Windows Server Backup integration (Win Server 2008 and higher, Win 7 and higher)  
C-vmwBackup backup program for vmware vSphere 5.x and higher € 8 per month / ESX srv (any number of CPU!)
CM Inventory HW      
Automatic data collection from computers registered in CM
Simplified network topology with automatic network detection
Overview of devices in the network (IP scan, computers) with the summary of sample history
Autodescript – archiving settings from any PC (on PCs without C-Monitor installed)
Note: in 2021, we implement the integration to the CMDB within CDESK3 with new functions
CM Audit SW - suitable for individual entities up to 200 PC (number of entities is not limited)      
Automated collection of installed software from computers with recognition of licensed and freely distributable software  
Records of purchased SW (copies of acquisition documents in CM)
License expiration monitoring and notification via CM Faults
Comparison of purchased licenses and software found on computers with evaluation of free number of licenses  
Additional manual SW records for manually entered devices  
CM Remote Operations      
CM Remote Desktop Access      
Remote access via CM-EasyDesktop (based on VNC, the remote screen is accessible via the CM web interface). It works for WIN and MAC. (any operator OS, including LINUX)
Remote access via CM-EasyRDP (based on Microsoft RDP, the remote screen is accessible via the CM web interface). It works for WIN. (any operator OS including MAC, LINUX)
Remote access via CM-DirectRDP (based on Microsoft RDP, virtual VPN and connection via RDP client at the operator created). It works for WIN. (any operator OS including MAC, LINUX)
Remote access via Teamviewer (own operator license required). It works for WIN.
CM Remote Installations      
Remote software installations and script execution  
CM Remote Services      
Wake up a turned off computer (WakeOnLAN)  
Remote restart, shut down the computer  
Service control (start, stop, restart)  
Remote process management  
Loading of Eventlog into CM Server and analysis without necessary access on PC  
CM Maintenance Tasks      
Use of C-Scheduler functions within the C-Monitor client (e.g. running programs under admin privileges)  
CM NTFS Permissions      
C-PermissionExplorer – archiving permission settings in NTFS systems  
C-Monitor client – Remote Installation      
Install the C-Monitor client remotely in a domain environment
Update and uninstall the C-Monitor client remotely
CM Reports      
Reports on HW, SW equipment from the technical part of CM
Reports on HW, SW equipment from the SW audit section and HW records with restrictions
Display of faults in the CM server (CM faults) and e-mail notification
Configuration logs for backups with graphical overview set in time
Overview of computer settings in the form of a log
Online monitoring reports for SLAs
Overview of NTFS access rights settings in the graphical form (xls)