CM Remote Operations

The CM Remote Operations  component of CM involves more functionalities:

CM Remote Desktop Access - remote access to a computer desktop
CM Remote Installations  -  Remote installations of “3rd party” programs, remote launching of programs and scripts
CM Remote Services - remote instructions to computer maintenance as WakeOnLAN, Shutdown, Restart, Conrol of services, Processes termination…


CM Remote Desktop Access

Remote access via TeamViewer
    integrated solution from a third party – program TeamViewer with your license,
    supported for platforms MS Windows and (Mac) OS X
    ensures connection without adjusting firewall settings, without installation, without proxy settings
    program TeamViewer quick-support is launched on instruction from the CM Server
    the connection is realized even if no one is logged in, support of file transfer
  security – program TeamViewer runs only during the actual connection (at the end of the connection nothing
   regarding the program teamviewer remains on the computer - no changes in the OS, in registers )

Remote access via RemoteDesktop
    support of easier launch of standard remote desktop connection
    requires open ports as well as in manual connection
Remote access via VNC
    support of easier launch of standard VNC connection
    requires open ports as well as in manual connection

More information at How CM works in section Remote access to Desktop


CM Remote Installations

Remote software installations
    installation of applications, which support the so called unattended installation
  support in the MS Windows environment (e.g. .msi files, installations through .exe files, installations performed through a batch file)
    an option to send an installation package up to 100MB directly to PC
    an option to send to the target computer only the command line or a batch .bt file for installation files located on network storage
Remote script launching
    support of launching scripts as batch files .bat files, VBS scripts
    support in the MS Windows environment
    examples of VBS scripts may be found at the CM portal in paid service

More information at  How CM works in the section Remote installations and scripts


CM Remote Services   

The supported functions are:
   Waking a shutdown computer (WakeOnLAN)  - CM server sends the waking command to the selected C-Monitor, which is in LAN with the to-be-woken computer and a “Magic packet” is sent right through the LAN
    Remote restart  - including the option of “force” restart
    Remote computer shutdown - including the option of “force” shutdown
   Administration (management) of services  - standard functions as stop, start, restart of a service
    Management of processes - listing of currently running processes and and option of their termination
    Eventlog - basic operations over Eventlog

More information at  How CM works in the section Functions for remote maintenance

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