Why CM

CUSTOMER MONITOR® didn´t originate on request, neither as a purely commercial software. Customer Monitor originated initially as an internal project in 2002, which shall ensure providing IT services long-term of the same quality. This can be achieved mostly by gathering and processing of information from the entire IT environment. Since then, Customer Monitor has improved in its functionality, found a lot of customers and is just ready for you.

From reactions of the current customers of CM, we know what kind of information is important to you, and what problems do you face. Many of them are exactly the same situations that we have already solved, and in CM you´ll find the best and verified practices.

"We give you the opportunity to use all the advanteges of our technical solution, which grants you presumption to offer a good quality service to your customers, at low cost."



  • From now on, arguments will be on your side.
  • Reports you can always rely on.
  • Profi helpdesk for you and your customers.
  • IT overview as never before.
  • Thousands of monitored computers.
  • Our IT tweaks would hardly be found elsewhere ;-)
  • Solve problems before they arise.
  • Great order in HW and SW.
  • Several types of backup in one package.
  • Monitoring in real time, history of records.
  • Explicit remote diagnosis of systems.