When it works best with CM

Summary of experiences, when contribution of the CUSTOMER MONITOR is the best:

- Actively take interest in what the CM offers and use it in practice. In CM there´s a great lot of tools and data, which allow to explain unsatisfactory function of IT infrastructure, avoid many errors, significantly shorten their solving and perform ordinary service works more efficiently.  If you´re not going to use these tools, i.e. just passively install the C-Monitor and won´t “communicate” with it, you´ll miss an opportunity to outrun the competition. Therefore after the first acquaintance with CM and thorough reading of this web, arrange a course with us and we will be glad to guide you.

- CM makes the work most efficient, when it´s applied at all customers and users requiring a prompt service and data protection.  The CM can create a working environment with scheduling and so there remains more space for urgent, unexpectable events.  It warns about technical problems early and gathers requests (tickets), for which you have several days to solve.  You don´t have to extinguish most problems at the last minute.

- Inform the customer or your superiors about what you have solved or secured thanks to CM. It´s necessary to clearly acquaint the customer about the way you perform service actions and services for them, so that he understands that you provide it better than a competition without a tool of this level. CM offers you lots of tables and reports, which will give you enough space to defend your arguments.

-Superiors of IT companies and departments, use CM to analyze wrong and ineffective work of your service technicians. The greatest enemy of work quality, and the following dissatisfaction, is a neglected realization of acts, associated with unclear explanation. CM helps you to confirm or disprove the worker´s arguments by technical information, and together with the usage of helpdesk C-Desk, you create an environment, where each worker has clearer rules to his work, including evaluation.

- Only a system which has treated all error states in CM and hasn´t missed any requests in CDESK, grants the space to improve the quality of service.  You must not allow having untreated errors and missed requests in the system. You´ll lose overview and may miss some important information, and again will be forced to “extinguish” problems on the last minute. If you face an error, which you´re unable to solve, contact us.