Overview of the functions of individual CM components


CM Monitoring - monitoring of IT sources and environment even in real time, or intervals as needed

CM Connection Guard - server down detection

CM Backup - backup of files, image disks for MS Windows, VMware, MS Hyper-V

CM Computer Diagnostic - support at determining of HW and system failure of computers

CM Remote Operations - access computers remotely, control and perform various functions

CM Maintenance Tasks - regular maintenance, specific tasks to maintain the environment

CM Audit SW - overview in software licenses

CM Inventory HW - hardware database, including workers and other objects to register

CM NTFS Permissions - access authorization in NTFS disks and shares under control

CM Reports - reports from CM at every step

CM IT Provider customizer - design the CM environment with your logos, access the CM portal from your domain (custom internet address)

CM External connector - link CM with your solution - portal or a web solution

C-Monitor Remote Installation - remote installation of the C-Monitor client in large networks