C-Monitor Remote Installation

C-Monitor Remote installation represents the methods of remote installation and uninstallation of the C-Monitor client.

Typical properties

- functional for OS Windows

- condition for each way of the remote installation, there must be computers in the domain

- two available methods:

     1. Remote installation by distributing installation commands from network through domain

     2. By a specialized application - C-RemoteSetup, which is currently only available for older versions of C-Monitor (, but may be consequently updated to the current version

- support of Proxy servers for remote installations is within the first method from the previous point

- flexible way of uninstalling: directly through the CM portal by pressing one button.

Note: Update of the C-Monitor client is for all platforms best realized through the CM Portal.


For more informations read How the CM works, section Components and architecture of CM » C-Monitor Windows client » Installation (unattended)


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