Payment methods

Initial information
How are individual services charged
Credit and Online payments
Invoicing mode
Custom CM Server, permanent license

Initial information

Near the end of the trial service, the Customer Monitor will ask you to decide, whether you want to activate the paid service on a monthly payment basis. One part of this process is confirmation of the favored starting package (it´s the same if you use only technical functions, or only helpdesk, or both at once). The default payment method is charging of credit (credit top-up) through an online payment and subsequent issuing of invoice in the amount of the paid credit. If you´re more comfortable with paying monthly, contact us and we will activate you the invoicing mode. You´ll receive electronic invoices at the end of calendar month (if you only use the starting package, you´ll obtain the invoice at the end of every even month).

Also contact us in case you´re eligible for a discount (you´re a provider of services for end customers) or you have a large amount of computers and customers, corresponding to a custom CM Server for fixed price (volume of the deal over 7.500 EUR ex VAT).

The advantage of CM over competitive solutions is the option to integrate your suggestions and changes into the CM. Therefore you´re able to gain a product with a rich functionality, while it´s fulfilling your specific needs. Developer changes are priced individually.

How are individual services charged

Technical functions of CM
Technical functions bound to computer 
(e.g. monitoring) are charged according to registration of the C-Monitor client. The accounting runs in the form of daily billing, i.e. how many days has the given computer been registered in the CM portal, such ratio of the monthly payment will be charged.
Uncharged services to technical functions :
Objects, which you input into CM manually  (napríklad príslušenstvo do HW evidencie) are not charged at all and you may add as many of them as you want.

Functions of Helpdesk
Contractual services services are bound to contractual Deals in the Business agenda, which exist at the end of the month,
Non-contractual services are counted according to the number of customers, to which you have recorded at least one request in the given month. 
Number of accesses for operators and customers  existing at the end of the month.
Uncharged services to heldesk :
Requests (over 1pc at your non-contractual services),
fulfillments – records of performed work,
customers in the list of customers

are not counted in the billing and you´re not limited in their count.

If you simultaneously use technical functions and helpdesk, you get benefit for reverse type of service. Therefore, watch the summarization of unused services in the credit section.

Summarization of drawn services and services, which remained unused within the paid fee

Image: Sumarizácia čerpaných služieb a služby, ktoré zostali nevyužité v rámci zaplateného poplatku


Credit and Online payments
Seznam platebních karet přijímaných k online platbě

This is a default payment method for the CM service. You charge your credit through an online payment beforehand, and value of the used service is subtracted at the end of every month. If it´s found out, that the value of your credit is insufficient for the next month, you´ll be asked to top-up the credit during the next month. If you don´t top it up, your work with CM will get blocked and after each login, you´ll be prompted to recharge your credit. Services are not charged during the blocked period, but the minus residue from the last accounting will be billed at the nearest top-up. The invoice as a tax document will be issued immediately after the payment for credit for the whole amount of the recharged credit. The payment is realized safely via CardPay service of the Slovak bank TATRA BANKA. 

You may also request to sign a contract to the operation of CM services in the mode of Credit with Online payments.  Entry to the section for financial information and online payments

Image: Vstup do části pro finanční informace a online platby.

Credit residue

Image: Zostatok kreditu

Invoicing mode

In case you´re not satisfied with online payments and rather prefer regular payments based on an issued invoice after the billing period, contact us. We will send you a concept of contract and after signing it, we´ll activate you the invoicing mode. Prices are the same as in the credit system, as well as the way of listing of used services and services, which you may still use within the paid fees.

Payments in Czech Republic are in Czech crowns to an account in Raiffeisen BANK, so our Czech clients are prevented from bank fees. From other countries, the payments are in EUR received on the account in Slovak bank TATRA BANKA.  
Activated invoicing mode and overview of drawn services

Image: Aktivovaný fakturačný režim a prehľad čerpaných služieb

Custom CM Server, permanent license.

In case your used services from the CM product have increased to bigger volumes, you may consider deploying your custom CM Server. In this case, you purchase a permanent right to use the CM license and with it you buy support and updates annually for 20% of the prices of permanent licenses. Updates and system support are provided by manufacturer specialists, so you don´t need to allocate any internal resources for system operation of the CM product. If you are interested, the manufacturer will also provide operation of your CM Server in a well-equipped housing (individual surcharge by agreement).

Prices for permanent licenses of custom CM Server are from total order 7.500€ with technical functions and from 5.000€ in case of CM Server with just helpdesk functionalities.

Sumarizácia čerpaných služieb a služby, ktoré zostali nevyužité v rámci zaplateného poplatkuSeznam platebních karet přijímaných k online platběVstup do části pro finanční informace a online platby.Ilustrační obrazovka pro aktivaci placeného režimu s potvrzením startovacího balíčkZostatok kredituAktivovaný fakturačný režim a prehľad čerpaných služieb