Remote access and maintenance

With Customer Monitor, you can solve problems remotely via:  


 Remote access to a computer desktop

   Connection to a computer desktop from anywhere
   Safe connection to computers on platforms MS Windows and (Mac) OS X
   You can turn on your computer before the service act and get connected in cooperation with CM 
   File transfer
   The access is realized by the Teamviewer program with your license from other service
   Support to easier usage via RDP, VNC is also available

 Remote control of computer

   Computer restart
   Control of services such as restart, launch, termination
   Termination of an unwanted process or online reading of its behavior 
     The above mentioned often works, even though it´s not possible to remotely connect to the computer
   Waking up a computer by one click, just one other turned on computer in the LAN network is sufficient
   Loading of Eventlog directly into CM portal

 Remote installations and scripts

   Every good program has a support of unattended installation and can be installed through CM
   The installation is under your control, each act in the CM portal has its own success rate evaluation
   Large program packages are installed by scripts (link to a local network storage)
   Scripts in the .bat .cmd .vbs formats will be your powerful assistants

Exact solutions are realized via the Component
CM Remote Operations