Overview of software

Use CM at maintenance of software and licenses, when you need to:

 Gain overview of the number and type of installed software

   Without any extra work you´ll gain overview of installed software, and also an information whether you need a license to it.
   After entering purchase documents with licenses, you can figure out how many and what kinds of licenses you´re missing
   An overview of all software changes, which ran on computers at a certain time, is also available.

 Take records of purchase documents to software

   List of software purchase documents at one place

 Take records of licenses and their validity

   List of certificates to purchased software for quick searching  
   Evidence of serial numbers and product keys
   Notification of license validity expiration

 Accurate evidence of installed licenses

   The CM records product keys of the most common MS products, what lets you to easily pair purchased license with the used device. 
    All licenses can be paired with devices and you will gain full overview of license usage

 Customize your reports:

   You have an option to change software classification for your management company due to objective reasons, and get more transparent reports this way


Note: Data for software evidence are gathered from Add and Remove programs and subsequently processed for the needs of SW audit. The default update is once a day.

Exact solutions are realized via Component: 
CM Audit SW