Monitoring and notification

Customer Monitor finds application in monitoring, where you need:

 Monitoring of networks

   Availability of critical network elements
   Quality and permeability of network connections
   Configurable monitoring of other parameters through SNMP or HTML protocols
   Monitoring in networks separated from the internet (thanks to autonomously working C-Monitor client)

 Monitoring of servers

   Conventional and non-conventional methods of testing server functionalities
   Load of hardware and software server sources
   Status of services, files, events, programs, parameters from the server environment…
   An option to extend the monitoring by other functions through scripts (i.e. via VBS)

Monitoring of work stations

   Monitoring without affecting the privacy
   Basic monitoring with no need of additional configuration
   All functions from server monitoring available

Automation of operations based on monitoring

   Simplified notification working immediately after its setting
   Customized notification via SMS messages, emails, reports, logging into files, events
   Launching of an exact command or program on the basis of status from monitoring
   Restart of services based on a status from monitoring
   Chaining of operations activated from monitoring  

Reporting, archiving of data and notification

   Detailed reports up to 60 days
Selected information and summary reports up to 18 months
   Statistics for comparison, informing the clients   

Monitoring in accordance with the standards

   The Monitoring is developed in accordance with the standards ISO 20 000-1:2005, 27001:2005, 9001 

Concrete solutions may be realized by the Components:
CM Online Watches
CM Connection Guard