CM version 2.9

Major upgrade CUSTOMER MONITOR® version 2.9

Major CM upgrade to version 2.9

CM Version 2.9 provides many useful tools and improves your work and moves it to another level. All new features have been designed for more comfortable and better work with our system.

Overview of generational improvements

CMDB, new paid module - registration of any objects into database, their properties, and linkability to changes in the past

EventAnalyser Server, new paid module - module allowing central collection of events from MS Windows, and makes their contents in readable form. It also provides filtering, confirmation of events and statistical outputs of them. The optional EventAnalyser Server functionality and C-EventAnalyser client is a free part of the C-Monitor client.

Support for custom icons in the taskbar instead of C - instead of the classic C-Monitor icons, we allow you to display custom icons

Added HTTP communication via SMTP - the new version of C-Monitor client can be set up purely outgoing communication via the HTTP protocol, thus avoiding the post office protocol.


  • new conditions serving to monitor the increase or decrease in value
  • support for new installations for monitoring temperature and humidity, by HW group
  • extension of supported protocols SNMPv2 and SNMPv3
  • new notifications for status of "Unknown"
  • remaining validity of SSL certificate

All Windows Settings - feature that allows you to view all settings of your operating system with a simple search using keyphrases

Clarification of global settings - global settings are available under an administrator account, we divided them into logical units by modules and added advanced options.


Description of all new features can be read in the article New version CUSTOMER MONITOR 2.9


We give in to attention another new features regarding to CDESK (Service Desk, CRM), you can find them here.